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About us

Love+ family members

Love+ Photo Artistry is the vision of four great friends; Brendon, Kenn Wai, CJ and Avex, who each of us, breathes in the air of enthusiasm and dedication in preserving memories, amplifying the sparks of love as well as immortilising kinship.

Sharing the same passion and objectives, we are committed in preserving the beauty of life through memorable events of couple, from portraiture, engagement to wedding.

We believe that the beauty of photography lies in the people who share the love, fun and warmth like a family. Thus we love photographs which shows connection between people and by adding the touch of creativity, we preserve memories to tell of a lifetime.

Staying inspired with our beliefs, we enjoy meeting people, be friends and have lots of fun, laughters and sometimes emotional in the photography session we have.


Established in 2014, Love+ Photo Artistry is the family for Brendon, Kenn Wai, CJ and Avex based in both Melaka and KL, who have more than five years experience in photography industry including weddings, portraits, events, products, commercials and studio shooting.